Plane Entertainment for 7 hours.

7 Hour Flight Activities.

How to entertain yourself on a plane for 7 hours in economy class.

1..  Books…. A good tip is to get some at a thrift store.. that way you lose thrm or want to leave them you are only out a couple quaters.  I myself don’t read… makes my tummy twirl.

2.  Movies… bring an ipad with movies loaded or pray that they will have movies on the plan.  My 7 hour flight I watched 3 movies that the airline provided.

3.  Sleep.  I can generally find sometime during 7 hours that I am tired..  for me I can get a good hour nap in

4.  Walk.  Get up and walk to the bathroom.  Even if you don’t actually have to go, get up and move around every couple hours…  even if it is to wash your hands.

5.  Eat… on my 7 hour flight no meals were served.  Boxed lunches only for purchase…so my husband and I enjoyed one… bring some of your own snacks along..  no matter how big a meal you eat before you step on the plane…you will get hungry.

6.  Talk… if your seat buddy who you do not know is willing.. talk.. a few questions of “where you been?”  to “where you going?” should start the conversation up easily…if you want to end the conversation see the steps above.. start with step 4 and move right into step 3.

7. Journal…  This is a great time to reflect on where you have been and where you are going.  Journal about what is important to you.

8. Blog… Start, write , or finish blogs you may have been working on.  Internet access may be limited to use a program such as notepad or Word so you can easily copy and paste if necessary.

What other activities do you use your plane time for??

Comment below.  What about for the kids?  Any great things for them?



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