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“No Thought” Vacation?

We love relaxing vacations.

There was a time were I wanted a full itinerary, wanted to know what we were doing every hour and what I needed to be prepared for.  I wanted it all planned out.. but those were the days of yurning for adventure and new sites….  and now I want vacations that require “no thought”…

Now “no thought” vacations do not mean no new adventures or new sites or not making memories or sleeping all day… it just means… lets wait till morning or tonight before we decide on what happens tomorrow..

In order for me to enjoy a vacation like that, I have to have gone to a place a time or two that way, I don’t feel the urge to see EVERYTHING.

I would say there are 2 places, I can fly a plane to and have no plans… the hotel booked for sure ;).. but no other plans.. for me those spots are Las Vegas, NV and Isla Mujeres, Mexico..

These spots I feel comfortable getting around, I have my favorite eating joints, and can easily find entertainment..

Getting Around

Las Vegas – Taxi, Bus, Uber, walking

Isla Mujeres, – Rented Golf Cart, walking & Taxi

Favorite Food

Las Vegas – Ceasars Bachanal Buffet, Herbs & Rye, Flamigo Steak house

Isla Mujeres – Mama Rosa’s, Angelos, The Churro guy at the square (Taco Johns has nothing on this guy), and the Hotdog stands


Las Vegas– Google Shows and there are plenty of great shows to pick from– whatever you are looking for you can find something to entertain you.. On or Off the strip.

Isla Mujeres – THE BEACH, snorkeling….Ride around in the Golf Cart.. Plenty to see… or walk the streets with the stores and vendors.

If you are looking for a “no thought” vacation, these 2 places can definitely let you “go with the flow” once you arrive.

Here are some Isla Mujeres Pictures from our last trip in Novemeber.



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