How Low Should You Go?

I’m not talking about the song…..

I’m not talking about your credit score either….

But I am talking about your BLUSH!

Did you know there was a general rule of thumb on how to apply Blush??

Do you know where the “low” point is??

If you do know..  then stop reading..  If you are not sure keep reading to find out “How low you should go”..

Blush comes in all forms.. Powders and Liquids/Creams.

Depending on the type of blush, you can use your fingers and or a brush to apply it.

To apply your blush, the best is an outward & upward motion… Smile in a mirror and see your apple of your cheek (fleshy part of the lifted cheek).. Start at your apple and continue using the outward & upward application technique.

So how low should you go into the “apple”?

The blush should stop near the horitonal imaginary line of the bottom of your nose.

blush lineThe left side… Where my finger is, I applied the correct amount.  The right side of my face I applied below the nose line.

Blush Line for both sides


So now since I gave away the low point… Here is the tip for the high point.  Imagine a horizontal line coming from the corner of your eye.  This is the high point of where you want your blush to stop.

So if you ever questioned where your blush goes… here is the “general” rule..  use it or not.  Just be you and be confident in your makeup.

Have any questions.. Contact me HERE

The Blush I used here is SeneGence Toasted Rose BlushSense.  It is a Cream.  I applied a couple small dots and then used a blush brush to blend it out.  A very small amount of this blush product goes a very long way.  It comes in 7 different shades; Chocolate Cherry, Bronze, Cherry, Pink Berry, Pouty Pink, Terra Cotta, and Toasted Rose.


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