Downsizing to a smaller home or space?

I attended a downsizing funshop at the Women In Ag Conference this last February. The speaker owns a business where she helps people move to smaller spaces…. condos, apartments, nursing homes, ect..

I do not plan on downsizing anytime soon, but I think this funshop helped me be aware of what items I should or shouldn’t keep.

Some tips I learned to help downsize and eliminate my own stuff….

—Think about what I want of someone’s when they pass….. will it be something that is packed in their basement or something I remember them using or having and seeing in their house? Keep that in mind when you box up things.

—If something is very meaningful to me and I want it to be meaningful to someone else… I need to  get it out of storage and display it… so it can be seen and told stories about… otherwise it just becomes someone elses junk and problem.

—Hold on to the memory not the item..

—For unsentimental items, box things up and put a date on it for a year or 6 months in the future.  If you have not needed or touched anything from the box, you can let it go and donate it after that month.

—Evaluate how many items of something you need… do a tally to see what you really have..  pairs of shoes, wine glasses, coffee cups, towels, scarves, silverware, utensils, pens ect.  Then put a number on how many you use at a given time.  Do you host large parties, do you wear what you have in your shoe collection.. ect

—Old trophies… someone took all the plaques off.. took pictures of the trophies and made a scrap-book for her grown kids, who did not want the trophies, and then donated the trophies back to the 4-H.. ect..

—let your children keep a tote of their school papers and projects.  They get one tote, so they have to keep evaluating what is important to them as they continue through school.

—If it is challenging do it slowly and take your time at it.

She suggested by starting by getting rid of 50 items.
Donate, Trash or Pass along to someone else

– 5 kitchen items
– 5 books/magazines
– 5 knick knacks
– 5 garage item
– 5 toiletry items.. old/don’t like/use items
– 5 pantry items.. expired.. you’ll never eat
– 5 holiday decor
– 5 accessories (Hats/Belts/Scarves)
– 5 paperwork/mail
– 5 clothing (shirt, shirt, socks)

I did this and it felt like it took a small dent from my home, but I also do not miss anything I got rid of.  I plan to do this again in a couple of months.

Share your downsizing tips.



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