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DISNEYLAND CALIFORNIA — 3 things that will save you!

We were fortunate to be able to take our two 4 years old twins to Disneyland for a Day.  I did some research and found many tips.  These are my top 3 tips on how to make the day more enjoyable! #3 is a life saver for sure!

If you have children below the age of 5, Here are my 3 suggestions for surviving Disneyland with young ones.

1.  WATER-Get a Cooler Backpack. Buy one before you leave your home and travel with it.  Before you go into Disneyland, put water or liquids your kid likes into it. Pack a few snacks if you have room.  It will save you from standing in line and a few bucks.  Also I found a kid always needs a drink when you are stuck in a ride line… and that is a great time to have a drink.. there is nothing else to do while in line except for a child to realize they are thirsty… So have the drinks handy.  You can bring in water or you can also use the water faucets to fill up a water bottle.

2. LEAVE FOR LUNCH- If you plan to do #3 then I highly suggest this tip.  Go eat across the street from Disneyland then proceed to the #3 tip. From noon to 5PM many restaurants had a happy hour.    We were there on a Tuesday so that also made the crowd lighter.  The place we ate quickly sat us.  We also saw a few other parents who had smaller children in strollers napping at the restaurant.  It was nice to step away from the hustle and bustle for awhile.

3. NAP – You may think… why waste the time with a nap.  Let me tell you.  We had one day to do Disneyland.  I did not want it to end with a sour note and wanted my kids to be awake for the Fireworks (Magical).  So the nap saved us parents and the kids from having meltdowns during the evening.  Also in the afternoon it can get hot.  So that is a great time to grab that rest/nap time.

I hope these tips will be handy for your future Disneyland trip!

If you ever get the chance to hit up Disneyland.  ENJOY IT.  We loved seeing the characters, riding rides, character parade and fireworks.

The fireworks show is so worth it to see so ensure that your little ones will be awake when the fireworks start at 9:30pm (11:30pm our time).  Did I mention  tip #3 is highly advised 😉 😉



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