Why Are You Judging the Good?

That time of year..

Where you may ask yourself.

Do I or Don’t I??

Do I put those Christmas decorations up early or Not?

Who is going to judge me??

In a time where people ask…

Why isn’t God in school any more?

Why are people not going to church?

Why is there hate in the world?

And then when someone puts up a Christmas tree that reminds them of Joy, Happiness and Jesus.. They are JUDGED for over stepping Thanksgiving.  I don’t think it is over stepping.  I think Thanksgiving and Christmas bring different things into our hearts.

Thanksgiving for me makes me feel grateful for all the things we have.

Christmas makes me feel joy, happiness and Jesus.

So why not allow them both at the same time?

Why judge them… Should Joy, Happiness and Jesus be on a Calendar or a time frame??  Why don’t we celebrate as often and as much as we can.

Like Valentine’s Day.  We don’t just love on Valentine’s Day… I hope not anyways.

Why should we only put up the decorations to remind us of Joy, Happiness and Jesus only after Thanksgiving?

Can’t we have Joy, Happiness and Jesus even during Thanksgiving?

I say yes!  We can eat Turkey while looking at a Christmas Tree.  If you want to judge someone for putting up a Christmas tree, then I judge you for putting Joy, Happiness and Jesus on a calendar or time frame.

Sometimes we need a little extra Joy, Happiness and Jesus before Thanksgiving and all year through and to some that may mean putting up that tree a little earlier.

Now for me personally, the tree usually gets up near Thanksgiving and not earlier merely because we are still busy with harvest and I like to make it a family event, when possible.

BUT I’m not going to judge someone for doing what brings JOY to them!!

Because it is way better then them bringing hate to themselves!

Happy Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas!

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