Hate VS Love

They go hand in hand.  How can HATE and LOVE go hand in hand? Well becaus if there is one there is the other.  When we are really angry or frustrated, think what it is that you love causing this “hate”.

Did someone harm someone you Love? Did someone argue against something you love?

We hate Cancer, because it causes someone we Love Pain.

We hate death, because we lose someone we love.

Did someone say something against something you love?

Now hate maybe a strong word in many instances, but when we look at what we hate.. even food… maybe you hate fish. Because your body doesn’t love it and your body loves other foods much more.  But when I look at hate or someone makes me mad.  I am trying to think… Not that I hate what they are saying, but I love a different approach or different way of doing something.

Instead of I hate so and so, I just love so and so more… and that person you love could very well be yourself.

So when your mind goes to hate, think what is it that I love is causing this hate.  Then spend your time loving on that instead of spending your time dwelling on the hate.

Where does hate lead??? It can lead to love.

You hate someone?  Why??  What is it that you love so much more or are so passionate about causing that hate?  Focus on that love.

Your friend got betrayed?  Focus on making her happy, not Focused on wasting time worrying about the one who betrayed her.

Your opinion was shot down negatively.  Don’t hate them for it.  Just know that they themself love something else or have a different idea they may love.

In all instances if we focus on the LOVE of all struggles, we will get through everything we HATE.