Moving with Podcasts

A couple months ago, I found my morning routine changing.  Changing because of the cold weather and friends’ schedules.  So I found myself having to be my own motivator.  So with the weather being cold, it was difficult to walk outside.. side note..  I like doing my “moving” in the morning, so it is done and I have the afternoon to get other things accomplished and I like this to happen between after dropping the kids off and 10 AM 🙂  So during this time it had become COLD.  So since my old way of “moving” was coming to an end I had to find another.

I decided to start using my gym membership again… I had been paying for it, but not utilizing it, so that got me motivated.  I went a few times and hit the treadmill.  Without any other entertainment 30 minutes was painful, so I hit up social media and asked for podcast suggestions.  Never had I listened to any, but some one suggested it was a great time to listen to them and could help with the time speeding by.

I made a Facebook post asking for podcast recommendations. I was fortunate enough that other’s had already taken to the podcast word and gave me lots of great suggestions.  In the comments there was one podcast that kept being named a couple times.   Crime Junkies.   I listened to the first one and was hooked.  I have never really been interested in any criminal justice or such before, but these stories are so crazy.  They talk about the cases that may have not been covered much or not at all by the media. SO many of people just go missing and never seen ever again with nothing to go on.  Totally Cold Cases!!   These cases could have happened in the 60s up to the current time.  The two ladies, Ashley and Brit, do a great job of telling the stories and keeping us up to date on any investigations that have been solved (these are my favorite).  DNA testing has come so far and it is amazing at how they can solve some of these cases by linking to a family tree.  One came down to DNA testing and they determined it was between 2 bothers.  One had been away or dead when it occurred, so it was obvious who did it between the two. Once they tested the brothers DNA it was a match.  This man was not even on the radar of being a suspect.

If this subject interests you or you think it might, jump over to a Crime Junkie Podcast   If podcasts are not your thing, but unsolved mysteries are, take a look at Prime Video and enjoy some of their stories from the Classic Unsolved Mystery TV series.   

Brit and Ashley also highly suggest reading, The Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker.  I have not read this book, but hope to find it in audio.

I am running out of Crime Junkies podcasts, because they only post one weekly, so I have also leaned my ear into Mike Rowe, What Fresh Hell (Laughing in the face of Motherhood), and even some Motivational podcasts.

So if walking on a treadmill sounds boring, get some ear buds or head phones and find a podcast that entertains, interests or intrigues you.

Good luck on your moving and listening.  You never know what you can learn while you work out!

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