5 Unique Gardening tools for kids

I’m going to see about doing some gardening this year.  Basically because it is to be good for the kids.  :). But while I was browsing, I came across some fun and interesting things the kids might enjoy.  These are small, so you don’t need a large space to see something grow.


  1. GORNORVA Avocado Tree Growing Bowl. $9.99

Growing my Avocado sounds like an easy thing to do and for $9.99 sounds like a great little adventure!  Wonder how many Avocados you can grow in a year?



2.   7 Gallon Potato Bag Planter  $12.99

Seeing what you are growing would be extra cool for the kids to see!  Now you can keep your “eyes” on your potatoes!


3.Zombie Plant Grow KIT $12.99

Unique Nature Kit- Grow a Fun Interactive House Plant That Plays Dead When Touched & Comes Back to Life in Minutes.  Sounds like a scary movie.  Not sure about this one!


4.  Plant a Pizza Garden.  $15.39

Talk about a real veggie Pizza!  Vegetable and Herb Starter Kit would help make that happen.


5.   Root-Vue Farm. $20.00

This is something I would even enjoy.  Just like the potato bag planter this would allow the kids to view the crops.  Now to watch the whole process from literally start to finish.

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