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4 Easy “Quarantine” Can Dos

During this time of “The Virus” as my kids and myself have come to call it, I thought I would share a few things you CAN DO if you want. ūüôā

I thought I would title this “4 Easy “Quarantine” Must Dos”, but then I thought, it is not my decision what you do. ūüôā ¬† So here are “4 Easy “Quarantine” Can Dos”.

  1.  Clean those nasty makeup brushes.  I have a horrible habit of NOT having a habit of cleaning my personal makeup brushes regularly.  Now would be a great time to clean those.  There are machines that can help or you can use your own hands.  Also a mild gentle shampoo can work, but I prefer this makeup Brush cleaner.


2. ¬†Sort through expired makeup and skincare.¬† Do you have a cabinet or makeup bag filled with makeup or skincare you have stopped using? ¬†Pull it out and sort through it. ¬†I have read many different views on how long makeup lasts. ¬†It expires different also based on what kind of makeup… lipstick to mascara. ¬†So do some research and see what you agree with. ¬†I would say anything 5 years or older is past it’s time and you can kindly say goodbye to it. ¬†After your goodbyes, you can know organize.


3. Get in the Habit of washing your face DAY and NIGHT. ¬†I need to do better with this. ¬†Once in awhile it gets skipped one part of the day. ¬†So my goal during this “stay at home” season of my life, I am going to force myself into that habit. ¬†It may take a sticker chart, but I will give it my best.¬†I think the 3 most important skincare products you need are a cleanser, daytime moisturizer and evening moisturizer. ¬†You can check out my skincare I use¬†HERE. ¬†I also love a thick warm wash cloth when I wash my face.


4. ¬†PAMPER YOURSELF.¬†Really this one should be number one on your list. ¬†Pamper yourself. ¬†I hope we all can take a few minutes for ourselves everyday… but I hope at some point during this season of our lives, we can get a whole 30 minute stretch in. ¬†I know those of us with kids, that stretch may be in the late evening or early morning, but I hope you can get it. Your pampering may include reading a book or listening to your favorite podcast, ¬†getting to enjoy a ¬†moisturizing mask¬†or a peel off mask¬†or just enjoying a long bath with bubbles and a glass of wine or favorite beverage.


I hope these are a few things that can get you through this time.  Cleaning the brushes and tossing the old makeup and skincare can make you feel accomplished.  Cleaning your face and pampering yourself, can just make you feel better!

Take this time in stride and do what you need to do to get through this day. ¬†Whatever day this maybe for you.. ¬†Day 23, Day 33, or “I lost track long ago”.

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