Does anyone have a favorite trash bag brand? I know.. Who really thinks about it. I am usually the person who grabs the one that costs the least, but I do like quality. I don’t enjoy the cleanup from a ripped bag. I have been buying the Force Flex Glad brand for quiet awhile (It was in my autoship) now through Amazon and realized that the Amazon Brand is much cheaper. So I priced and compared 3 of the 13 gallon kitchen draw string bags and this is what I found.

ComparisonGlad Force FlexAmazon BasicHefty Ultra Strong
Price Per Bag 19.6¢ 12.1¢ 17.2¢
Count Per Box 110 120 80
Price Per Container $21.56 $14.55 $13.77

The Amazon Basic wins with being the cheapest at 12 cents a bag for 120. I honestly have never tried them, but will be putting them in my Amazon cart to see how they work. I do not like trash bags that fall apart, but with Amazon’s reputation on the line, I bet they are decent quality. I will have to add a review after giving the Amazon Brand a try.

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