3 Nebraska State Fair Vendor Items

I was at the Nebraska State Fair this weekend. Here are 3 small items I saw that I thought was pretty innovative or simple solutions. (pictures below)

The Inflatable sofa could easily be used for camping, beach, outdoor sports, or even inside the house. It folds up to a small size. The kids enjoyed laying in it. I myself did not try it. All you need is air. Use this link to see how it works.

The Retractable Stool collapsed to a very small carrying case. It can collapse to several different heights. My daughter had a little challenge in collapsing it, but she was able to once the vendor showed us how kids could easily step on it and use their weight to collapse it. It is also very light weight. They were saying it would be great for camping, fishing, anywhere you may need a break, or a stool for kids to use in the bathroom to brush their teeth.

The Magnetic Fanny Pack was actually bought by a cousin I ran into at the fair. She was excited to use it for her travels, so she wouldn’t have to always use her purse. This is also much more hidden then a purse or regular fanny pack. There is a video on how it works here. Simple process and I like the idea. I may need to purchase this for my future travels or just daily outings myself.

The Fair was fun and a little hot, thankfully there was a little breeze, but we spent over 5 hours looking at all the 4-H items, animals, and exhibits. We enjoyed fresh squeezed lemonade, nachos, corndogs, honey ice cream, and ended it with a funnel cake walking out of the fair.

Thank you for reading my post. Check out all things Nebraska State fair HERE. As an Amazon Associate I may earn from purchases.

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