Do you have a little of what you LOVE at home?

two kids in a sand box
2 kids in a sand box

My children love sand..  What kid doesn’t, right?  I remember after taking our kids to the ocean and beach, they came home, looked at their sandbox and said, “can we go again.”  Amazing how things take you back to those special times.

It didn’t take them back in time where they were throwing sand in each other’s eyes or the thought of the sand castle falling, but just being happy and enjoying playing and being together.

Do you keep items that make you remember a special trip or childhood memory out so you can see it or is it placed in a dresser drawer or closet?  I am really not a nick knack person, so I try to keep my husband’s souvenir buying to a limit. But sometimes, between you and me, I will look at something he bought and will be grateful for the mental break it gave.

What item reminds you of a special trip?  Is it a small fountain, a painting, or maybe even a shirt?  Don’t keep them in the dresser drawer or closet.

Now there are exceptions to every rule!!  I have a cup from a girls trip that I DO keep in my closet, because it is not a cup I want my Grandma to randomly grab from the cupboard, but every time I look at it I instantly picture us all laughing and having a great time.

You took that trip to create memories, so use it to your benefit and keep it where you can see it.  Even if that means making a small sand box so you can enjoy the “beach” .  Sometimes our minds just need that mental break and distraction when we least expect it.

two kids in a sand box

2 kids in a sand box

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