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Two Embroys…Our Story?

BUT then that yearly letter would come asking what we would want to do


Let them be bored!!!

So..... I read an article saying it is OK for your kids to be bored.  If you want to read.. Click HERE for the link. The line that I found intriguing was Make them wait!!! It is ok to have “I am bored“ time – this is the first step to creativity So what does… Continue reading Let them be bored!!!


First day of School!

I knew this time would come, but I didn't realize how quickly it would. After trying for so many years to have kids, I thought time would continue to slowly tick... but after having my kids I think the time clock goes 100 times faster. The years of trying to conceive seemed like 20 years… Continue reading First day of School!


Do you have a little of what you LOVE at home?

My children love sand..  What kid doesn't, right?  I remember after taking our kids to the ocean and beach, they came home, looked at their sandbox and said, "can we go again."  Amazing how things take you back to those special times. It didn't take them back in time where they were throwing sand in… Continue reading Do you have a little of what you LOVE at home?