First day of School!

I knew this time would come, but I didn’t realize how quickly it would.

After trying for so many years to have kids, I thought time would continue to slowly tick… but after having my kids I think the time clock goes 100 times faster.

The years of trying to conceive seemed like 20 years and the years of having kids in the house so far seemed like 20 days (maybe a little more), but oh how it went so fast.

I am only sad to know that time will continue to move even faster as I watch them grow up.

BUT  I am so Happy that they are able to do these things.  I could have a child in a hospital battleing cancer, or a child who left this earth to early, or a child that didn’t have the skills or abilities to do this “milestone” in their life.

With this step of starting Preschool, I know that we will have many steps along the  way, but I am excited to see what these next years bring.  I can only imagine, the smiles, tears, and laughter, I will encounter and how much harder parenting is really going to become.

So I will cherish this moment of Preschool  and be grateful they are not Seniors just yet 🙂

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