Happy Anniversary – True Beauty

I have a daughter and a son, but when I think of BEAUTY, my daughter comes to mind.  Beauty has always been tagged to women mostly…. In my opinion anyways, … So we talk alot about what is true beauty.  My daughter says she wants to be a Princess when she grows up.  I ask her what it takes to be a Princess.  She tells me kind and thoughtful and smart… only because I remind her of this almost daily, that being a Princess is not about just the outside beauty, but True Beauty.  True Beauty is what we fall in LOVE with.

On the verge of our 11th wedding anniversary… I will share our “True Beauty” story.



My husband loves me and I love my husband.

Do you know what made him fall in love with me??  While dating, I told him I had to go program the answering machine for my grandparents (they still may have the same one I believe 🙂 )…  That was it..  That single action… he recognized that I would do a simple thing like that and think nothing of it!! That was my True Beauty.   I would never think not to do it… but because of my simple ACTION is why he fell in love.  Crazy right.

Now do you know why I fell in Love with my husband??  My brother had open heart surgery in his 20s and my mom was staying with him.  My husband.. then boyfriend at the time was going to be in the area my brother and mom were at.  I asked if he would mind taking her out for lunch to give her a little break.  You know what he did.  HE DID IT.  He never complained, he just did it and I fell in LOVE that he took time out of his day to do that for my family and especially my Mom.  That is TRUE BEAUTY.

Those were the first few things that made us aware that we would want to grow this relationship.

Now along the way there have been many more Actions that were done that continued to make that love grow.  Actions that were not even given towards me or him, but maybe another person.  But these actions showed what kind of person we were or we were not.

Now trust me I found him cute and he did the same to me, but in the end, these actions the true beauty is what truly melted our hearts.  There are some days where are actions are not always perfect, but we know our intentions are good.

This year we celebrate 11 years of Marriage.  I am glad that we still love each other’s actions, from simple gestures as taking out the trash to extra special actions like spending time on an anniversary trip.

To me true beauty is the actions you take towards others.  Now sometimes my true beauty does not come out so pleasant, because of my thoughts and mind being sad, angry or frustrated, but in the end we know our actions are because we are concerned or worried about something.  But I hope in the end my actions are seen as true and beautiful.  True Beauty!!

Happy Anniversary!!

What “True Beauty” characteristic did you fall in love with in your spouse or partner?

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