My First First Day of School

So my “First “First day of school experience as a parent happened today.

I really didn’t know how I would handle it.  Would I break down, would they break down, would we all break down, or would it be easy?

The day started with the kids having to be waken up by us around 6:45 AM.  We are not morning people AT ALL, so this whole new morning routine will definitely need some adjusting too.

BUT we got woke up, dressed the kids while they were half asleep and got them to eat a few bites of cereal while they watched “Curious George”..

Accomplishment in my book as the kids were not in their PJs and did not have a totally empty stomach.  Fail on our end…  the teeth did not get brushed…  But I promise tomorrow we will work on that.

We went outside, got some first day of school pictures and walked to school with Daddy.  We had a great little 3 block stroll, except for a 3 second moment.

The moment I choked “no tears”… We were walking and I asked the kids if they had any questions about preschool.. Their simple answer of NO, choked me up..  They were so ready and independent ….  how did these 3 1/2 years go by so quickly and would they need me for anything?

We had a little time before doors opened and we showed them where they would play outside.  It was more of Mom not wanting to sit and think about them growing up so quickly.

They walked in and from learning about everything from the Open House night, they put their bags on their hooks, washed their hands and were down playing.  They were good.

We said our good byes and we went home.

We get home and my husband says, so what do we do now?  I look at him with a “really” look on my face..  We get stuff done!

They loved it and I know they will continue too…. and we will continue to “get stuff done” too.


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