A Little Challenge.

I was honestly in a slump.

I had been for a while.

I was giving myself every excuse, I don’t have time, I don’t want to get up early, I have other things to do while the kids are in school.  I was seeing others with their success of working out online, and it was motivating, but I was like, I am not going to do 30 minutes of hard core cardio EVERYDAY.  That would last a couple days and I would be shot.  Finally something did come across that was doable and I in my mind I thought I would be capable of doing it.

A challenge.

A 7 day Challenge.

A 7 day Lunge Challenge.


It would get me motivated to move and I could do them anytime of the day.

I joined the challenge and asked others to join.

Guess what I did it.  But it wasn’t easy peasy as my son likes to say, doing 100 lunges for 7 days was difficult and who knew there was that many different lunge versions.

It also helped to check up with others and see how their lunge day was going or not going. If it hadn’t been for the others, I wouldn’t have completed it.  I would have given up on it.  There was a couple nights I was doing it right before bed, because I had seen the others do it and by golly I WILL TOO. So there I was lunging my way to sleep.

Total mindset.  I could have lied and said I completed it, but then I would have been lying to myself.  So I kept at it and doing a countdown from 7 days was way easier then 90 or 60.

I am learning for myself smaller challenges are best for me.  It will allow me to complete it and then decide if that is what I want to keep doing or not.  It also allows me not to Quit, but it be an end or beginning of how I would like it to go forward.

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